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The Federation of Laconian Greek Associations of Montreal and its President Antonios Venetsanakos hosted a succesful gala dinner fundraiser on Friday, May 24, 2013 to benefit and support the various health and welfare institutions founded by the Metropolitan Diocese of Monemvasia and Sparta in the prefecture of Laconia, situated in the southern Peloponnese region and peninsula of Greece.

The gala event attended by more than 500 Laconians and friends was held at the lovely Palace Convention Centre in Chomedey, Laval and the owners of the hall – including the family of Laconian Terry Nikiforos – graciously donated the entire cost of the reception and dinner in support of this worthy cause.

Ticket May 24, 2013 (2A)

During his remarks Honourary Co-Chair Dr. Peter Metrakos spoke about the challenges faced by Greece in the current economic crisis, the resilience of the Greek people and their strong bonds with the Greek diaspora.

Further remarks by Honourary Co-Chair Mtre Demetrios Smirnios highlighted the many charitable works of His Eminence Efstathios, Metropolitan Bishop of Monemvasia and Sparta, and paid tribute to the benevolent work of the late Peter Georgakakos, immediate past president of the Federation and initiator of this fundraising cause and gala prior to his passing earlier in the year.

Remarks by Honourary Co-Chair Dr. Peter Metrakos

Remarks by Honourary Co-Chair Mtre James Smirnios

The keynote speaker of the gala was His Eminence Archbishop Sotirios, primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of Canada, who encouraged all diaspora Hellenes to support the motherland Greece and who commenced the evening’s fundraising with his own generous personal donation.

Ticket sales from the gala event and earlier fundraising raised $104,000 in total and the net proceeds were sent to the Metropolitan Diocese of Monemvasia and Sparta in aid to health and welfare institutions situated throughout the prefecture of Laconia and its beautiful capital city of Sparta.

Διαμοιράστηκαν στα Ιδρύματα της ΙΜ οι δωρεές των ομογενών μας, Λακωνικός Τύπος, 30 Αυγούστου 2013

Ιερά Μητρόπολις Μονεμβασίας και Σπάρτης
Άσυλο Ανιάτων Σπάρτης
Κέντρο Αποκατάστασης και Αποθεραπείας
Γηροκομείο Σπάρτης
Γηροκομείο Νεαπόλεως
Γηροκομείο και Άσυλο Ανιάτων Μολάων
Γηροκομείο και Άσυλο Ανιάτων Έλικας
Κοινωνικό Πρόγραμμα “Βοήθεια στο Σπίτι”
Κατασκηνώσεις ΑΜεΑ
Βρεφονηπιακός Σταθμός Σπάρτης
Βρεφονηπιακός Σταθμός Μονεμβασίας

Source:  http://www.immspartis.gr


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