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armoiries CSQ

May 27, 2014
Mr. Justice David R. Collier
Superior Court of Québec
Konstantakakos vs. Stamatakos,
2014 QCCS 2229


[2] The parties are locked in an ongoing dispute over the control of the Laconian Brotherhood of Canada, a non-profit association which looks after the interests of Canadians of Greek origin living in Montreal. The parties have been unable to settle their disagreements over the governance of the association and they have appeared numerous times in Court seeking various injunctive remedies against each other.

[25] A final word to the parties. It is evident that the Laconian society’s guiding principle of brotherhood is in crisis, and that recourse to court injunctions and motions for contempt will not restore this bond. Brotherhood cannot be forced; it must be built through the mutual trust and respect that bridge differences of opinion. If both sides to this dispute truly feel they have the best interests of the Laconian community at heart, they should seek a peaceful resolution of their differences, which will allow all parties to back down with honour. Insults and accusations are easy to make, but it takes courage and leadership to make peace. The Laconian Brotherhood depends on such a solution, which might be achieved through private mediation or a court-led settlement conference. The parties are strongly urged to consider these options before returning to the courtroom.


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